Ultimate Absorbent Microfiber Gym Towels for Exercise Fitness – 3 Pack Green Towels


Attributes: 380-GSM microfiber material, 15-inch x 31-inch size, 3-pack in green color
Short Description: Enhance your workout experience with the Wuwahold Microfiber Gym Towels. Made of high-quality material, these 380-GSM towels are perfect for exercise, fitness, sports, and yoga.
Full Description: The Wuwahold Microfiber Gym Towels are designed to elevate your workout routine with their softness, absorbency, and durability. Made of 380-GSM microfiber material, these 15-inch x 31-inch towels come in a convenient 3-pack in a vibrant green color. Perfect for exercise, fitness, sports, and yoga, these towels offer exceptional value for money with their high-quality construction. Invest in the Wuwahold Microfiber Gym Towels today and experience the difference in your fitness journey.