Premium Certified Organic He Shou Wu Extract – Large 5oz Bag of 30:1 Concentrated Fo-ti – Organic Foti Extract – Pack of 2-10 Ounces


Certified Organic He Shou Wu – Large 5oz Bag of 30:1 Concentrated-Fo-ti – Organic Foti Extract- Fo ti He Shou Wu Organic (Pack of 2-10 Ounces) is a highly concentrated Fo-ti extract with numerous health benefits. Improve hair growth, anti-aging properties, and liver function with this organic Foti extract. Mix with water or your favorite beverage for daily consumption. Safe for long-term use and suitable for pregnant or nursing women with healthcare professional consultation. Shop now in Green Tea, Health & Household, Herbal Supplements, Vitamins – Minerals & Supplements, and Supplements categories.