COOLMOON 1/4 Inch Extra Thick Double-Sided Non Slip Yoga Mat for Women and Men – Eco Friendly TPE Fitness Mat with Carrying Strap for Pilates and Exercises


Attributes: Extra thick 1/4 inch yoga mat, double-sided non-slip surface, eco-friendly TPE material, carrying strap included

Short Description: Enhance your workout routine with the COOLMOON 1/4 Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat. This durable and comfortable mat is perfect for yoga, pilates, and various exercises. Eco-friendly and non-slip, it’s ideal for men and women on the go.

Full Description: The COOLMOON 1/4 Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat is a versatile and high-quality fitness mat designed for both men and women. This double-sided non-slip mat is perfect for yoga, pilates, and various exercises. With its eco-friendly TPE material and convenient carrying strap, this mat is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their workout routine. Made of durable and long-lasting TPE material, this mat provides extra cushioning for joints and a comfortable workout experience. The textured surface offers excellent grip and stability, preventing slipping and sliding during workouts. The lightweight design and compact size, along with the included carrying strap, make it easy to transport and store. Eco-conscious individuals will appreciate the recyclable and biodegradable nature of this mat, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally friendly workouts. Suitable for hot yoga and easy to clean, the COOLMOON yoga mat is a top-quality option for those looking for comfort, durability, and convenience in their exercise gear.